Clinton’s fear of a clash of civilizations in avoiding the jihadist threat to homeland security

Clinton’s fear of a clash of civilizations in avoiding the jihadist threat to homeland security, by Christine Williams.

Clinton has been under the microscope for her stance on the war on terror and has been trying to distance herself from Obama by reportedly taking a tougher approach on the Islamic State, but she falls short in her condemnation of what she referred to as the “Republican obsession” with the “clash of civilizations”. …

Hillary is obsessed with semantics, not reality.

Despite the media hoopla about Clinton’s semantics and about her sudden willingness to use words such as “Islamic jihad” and “terrorism” to bump up her popularity ratings against Trump, the paramount issue is that no matter what words Hillary Clinton decides to use for votes, she has been abetting a victimology narrative that is ingrained in the stealth jihadist book of tricks. Hillary warned about the problem with “certain words” that make it sound as if the West is declaring war on a religion, which she asserts, helps to create a “clash of civilizations” that “is actually a recruiting tool for ISIS and other radical jihadists”.

Even if it has to be described through the PC media, reality eventually becomes obvious.

Islamic jihadists are to blame for initiating the threat of a “clash of civilizations” on our soil, period. Had Western leaders controlled their borders in the first place, we would not be in a crisis. …

A clash of civilizations already existed long before it exploded on 9/11 within our borders, and it continues to gain momentum.

Calls for Islamic jihad against the West, followed up by deadly attacks and open calls for the murder of gays; honor killings on our soil; in addition to the practices of beheadings in Islamic states; as well as stonings and widespread Christian persecution, are all examples of clashes between our culture of celebrating life and human rights verses the Sharia culture of celebrating death and destruction.

Our challenge is to enforce laws and uphold our constitutions as universal principles applying to people of every race and religion who enter our nations through immigration. In fact, we don’t hear the term “clash of civilizations” to reference any other visible minority group in the West.

hat-tip Stephen Neil