Islam, Homosexuality, & Capital Punishment

Islam, Homosexuality, & Capital Punishment, by Rod Dreher.

I genuinely don’t trust US Muslim leaders or the American news media to report accurately about what’s going on.

On the other hand, I don’t trust alternative media either, because the question of Islam in America is so fraught with ideological anxieties on both the Left and the Right that it’s impossible to know when you’re getting the truth, and when you’re being spun.

I try to keep front to mind something an old friend who worked for years undercover in counterterrorism told me. She said that the best sources she had were Muslims who were sick of what was happening in their own community, and wanted to do something about it. You will never know about them, she said, because their lives depend on preserving their anonymity.

The Muslim community in America, she said — this was back in 2002, so things may have changed — is dominated by Muslim Brotherhood hacks well-funded by the Saudis and other Gulf Arabs. Ordinary Muslims who just want to pray and to get on with their lives in America are intimidated by them — and their fears are often justified. Her point was to warn me not to jump to conclusions about what the broader Muslim community is or is not doing to fight terrorism. But she also warned me to be very careful about believing what their leadership says.