Donald Tusk wants to bury the European Dream. Criticism of EU-topia is now socially acceptable.

Donald Tusk wants to bury the European Dream. Criticism of EU-topia is now socially acceptable. By Jacopo Barigazzi. The politically correct project of big government and diminution of democratic oversight is stalling in Europe.

Europe is coming around to Donald Tusk’s way of thinking.

The European Council president [and former Polish prime minister] has been spreading a message that until recently would have sounded surprisingly Euroskeptic coming from the head of an EU institution: We need to let go of the “European” dream — at least as it has usually been defined since the founding of the Union.

But rather than provoke outrage, Tusk’s position is largely being accepted as the new EU reality, even by stalwart European integrationists who now admit that the answer to every problem is not “More Europe.” …

Immigration is the straw finally breaking the EU project:

Sources familiar with Tusk’s thinking say his recent remarks are part of longer-term effort to stifle the EU’s “More Europe” reflex, which has largely backfired in the response to the migration crisis. The speeches were also a way to try to indirectly influence national politics — not just in the U.K., where the “Brexit” debate is now at full boil, but also in countries such as the Netherlands and France, where anti-EU forces continue to gain ground. …

Tusk turned that argument around, putting national governments — even the eastern European ones — back in charge of the migration debate. The focus, even on the part of the Commission, is now on keeping migrants out. A proposal to create a European border control and coast guard is on an EU fast track, something diplomats said would have been unthinkable of only until a couple of years ago.

The real issue here is a grab for absolute power by those who already govern. They have grown tired of democracy and would like to do away with it, without ever giving the game away by actually saying so. This is the age-old divide between the totalitarians and libertarians. Coalitions like the current ruling class of bureaucrats, media, academics, the politically correct, etc have always been instinctively totalitarian, desirous of interfering in every tiny detail of our lives-for our own good of course, and prodigiously at our expense. They are now even telling us what kind of light-bulbs we can use.

However they can see that ordinary people are plucking up their courage to rebel, to say “enough!”, and they are preparing to retreat a little. The Polish politicians seem to be more in line with the mood of ordinary people.

hat-tip Stephen Neil