An EU stripped of Western values is not European anymore

An EU stripped of Western values is not European anymore, by Jennifer Oriel.

Those campaigning for British sovereignty over EU membership have made immigration their core mandate for good reason. Pew research shows that much European disaffection with the EU is attributable to its handling of the “refugee issue”: 94 per cent of Greeks, 88 per cent of Swedes, 77 per cent of Italians and 70 per cent of Britons disapprove of the EU’s approach. In large part, the disapproval stems from the fact that the so-called European refugee crisis is neither European nor a refugee crisis. It is a border security crisis created by the EU socialist bloc whose sovereign champion is former communist turned centre-right Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

Socialist French President Francois Hollande, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Merkel were instrumental in pressuring European states to open their borders to supposed refugees fleeing the Syrian crisis. Merkel maintained her open border stance even after she was warned last year by the German Interior Ministry that a third of people claiming asylum as Syrian refugees were not Syrian.

In the wake of the jihadist terrorist attacks on Paris, Hollande denied the French people’s wish to tighten border security. Instead, he defended the open border policy that had led directly to jihadists entering France and launching murderous attacks on European citizens. And after Brussels was attacked by jihadists in February, the Belgian foreign ambassador to Australia claimed it had “nothing to do with the refugee crisis”. …

It later transpired that like France, Belgium had been targeted by Islamist terrorists who had entered or re-entered Europe through open borders. …

Writing in The Guardian, the assistant secretary of the Muslim Council for Britain, Miqdaad Versi has urged Muslims to vote against, Brexit because the EU is their “ummah”. Versi wrote: “The Arabic term ‘ummah’ refers to a multi-belief and multiethnic community united by shared values, where the whole collective is greater than the sum of its parts. The Prophet Muhammad referred to the Jewish tribes of Medina as part of the ummah, alongside Muslims … it seems that the EU is that ummah.”

This pretty much sums it all up: are the EU leaders stupid or evil? Is PC stupid or is it evil?

The border security crisis created by the EU is, at best, evidence of its leadership’s vast incompetence. At worst, the EU open border crisis indicates EU leaders are indifferent or hostile to Western civilisation.

The politically correct think everyone else is stupid. We’re not. They think everyone else will think what they and their media tell us. Nuh, their nonsense on immigration and Islam is intolerable and on-the-nose.

hat-tip Stephen Neil