New Hollywood Blacklist: Vote GOP, Lose Gigs

New Hollywood Blacklist: Vote GOP, Lose Gigs, by Christian Toto. Remember the evils of the 1950s, when people in Hollywood lost jobs for being communist? Lefties and Hollywood keep reminding us of how evil  that was. Now they are doing the same themselves — people in Hollywood are losing jobs for voting Republican or being seen to sympathize with non-PC causes (such as by appearing in the wrong commercial).

If someone in the movie business lost a job due to his or her skin color social media would rise up in anger.

Venomous tweets. Righteous social media memes. And, if things really heat up, a hashtag campaign. The same holds true if a worker got passed over because of gender or religious beliefs. …

What about someone losing a job due to voting for a Republican? Would that inspire outrage? Anger? Shock?

Or, perhaps such news would be considered par for the course. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here. This new Hollywood Blacklist is none of your concern. …

Welcome to the new Hollywood Blacklist. Now with 100 percent less outrage.