Student may be punished for insulting vegetarian

Student may be punished for insulting vegetarian, by Mike Deak. The education bureaucracy in Alabama allows a school to give detention to a student who told another sixth-grader that “vegetarians are idiots.”

[The] comments met the legal definition of harassment, intimidation and bullying under state law because they targeted a student’s “distinguishing characteristic” and “substantially interfered with the rights of K.S. and had the effect of insulting or demeaning him.”

The new theology is rapidly moving towards the suffocating  heights of the previous political orthodoxy in medieval times. Free speech, democracy, modernism, and the Enlightenment, the tools our society evolved to move that stultifying correctness,  are all being rolled back up at a great rate at the moment by the PC.

If you can’t say that “vegetarians are idiots,” what can you say that is worth saying?

Meanwhile we have to put up with PC people calling us stupid and bigoted in a hundred different ways, every week, so it’s not as it the rules are even applied evenly.

How long before the Spanish Inquisition is back in a new guise?