Over 800 Attacks on Members of Germany’s Anti Mass Migration Party

Over 800 Attacks on Members of Germany’s Anti Mass Migration Party, by Chris Tomlinson.

More than 800 attacks, including vandalism and death threats, have been reported by the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party — and the attackers may be receiving state funding. …

The party, who are not considered extremist and thus do not warrant government surveillance, find the figures alarming.

After a data leak by left extremists, many of the phone numbers and personal addresses of AfD members were published online leading to several members’ personal homes being attacked.

Controversial deputy chairman Alexander Gauland, who recently stoked criticism over comments regarding the German national football team, had his house pelted with paint. MEP and leader of the AfD in the European Parliament, Beatrix Van Storch, has had to seek police protection because of credible threats against her.

In one case last month a car belonging to an AfD supporter was lit on fire because it bore an AfD sticker on the bumper.  In Saxony, where the AfD won huge gains in local elections earlier in the year, an office was vandalised soon after the election results. Another car was torched in February in Göttingen, the perpetrators leaving symbols of the left extremist Antifa group at the scene.

The German government is funding the leftists attackers:

Antifa, behind many of the attacks, may also be the recipients of government funding, albeit indirectly. Government money has been directed to an office of Thuringian Left Party leader Susanne Hennig which also houses a group called Redroxx. Redroxx has openly called for members to “pay a visit” to AfD members in their homes.

Increasingly the western governments and media are saying violence against non-PC people or rightists is sort of ok and understandable, while of course even insulting a PC person can be punishable by loss of career, expulsion from university, etc. And all the time the PC crew are boasting about how they are peaceful and morally superior, whilst their opponents are the violent authoritarian ones. Dangerous loonies.

hat-tip Stephen Neil