Is Google Manipulating Searches To Be Pro-Hillary?

Is Google Manipulating Searches To Be Pro-Hillary? by Blake Neff.

For instance, when a person types “Hillary Clinton crim” into the search bar, instead of suggesting a search like “Hillary Clinton crimes,” SourceFed found that Google proposed searches like “Hillary Clinton crime reform” and “Hillary Clinton crime bill 1994,” even though a look at Google’s own trends show that “Hillary Clinton crimes” is a far more popular search. (RELATED: Google Honors Bin Laden Supporter With Google Doodle)

In contrast, when “Hillary Clinton crim” is typed into the search bars of Bing and Yahoo, it produces top suggestions such as “Hillary Clinton criminal” and “Hillary Clinton criminal investigation.”

Similarly, despite rampant speculation that Clinton may be indicted over her handling of Department of State emails, “Hillary Clinton indi” produces suggestions like “Hillary Clinton india” and “Hillary Clinton indiana” instead of “Hillary Clinton indictment,” even though the latter is a far more popular search term. Once again, Bing is completely different, and indictment-related searches dominate the suggestion box.

“It’s like if you put three people into a room that’s on fire, and two out of three people yell ‘Fire!’ and the third person yells ‘I’m in a room!,” SourceFed’s Matt Lieberman says in the video.

Notably, the video comes just two days after Julian Assange of Wikileaks alleged that Google is collaborating with the Clinton campaign to put her in the White House.

When contacted, Google strongly disputed any suggestion they tampered with searches for political reasons.

Researcher Dr Robert Epstein is quoted in the video. He found he could swing voters up to 48% just by manipulating search engine results, and concluded

Google could determine the outcome of upwards of 25% of all national elections.

Well, yes actually, Google is biased. We’ve long known it from the global warming “debate,” because Google has been slanting searches on global warming for years, down-ranking skeptic websites.

While warping of search results is not illegal, it is unethical.

Google is evil.