Time for the Left to Stop Excusing Violence Against Trump Supporters

Time for the Left to Stop Excusing Violence Against Trump Supporters, by Debra Sanders.

“My nose is broken. I have bruises and scratches all over. I got knocked in the head a lot,” Santa Clara’s Juan Hernandez, 38, told me. He suffered a mild concussion.

That’s the price Hernandez paid for attending the infamous Donald Trump rally in San Jose last week at which protesters were seen burning flags and Trump hats, pelting a supporter with an egg and mobbing people who were doing what civics teachers tell students citizens are supposed to do.

For his trouble, Hernandez was called names, beaten and bloodied. For dessert, he got to hear politicians suggest it was the fault of his candidate that thugs beat him up.

When liberals are on the receiving end, this is known as blaming the victim.

Hernandez does not fit the stereotype of a Trump supporter. He is gay (and a proud member of Log Cabin Republicans) with Mexican roots. …

It’s time for Democrats to stop blaming Trump when left-wing activists pummel his supporters. [San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo (a Hillary Clinton supporter)] denied that he blames The Donald, even as he offered up his “underlying concern” that Trump’s “divisive rhetoric will encourage thugs.” Clinton likewise faulted Trump for “inciting violence.” Bunk. Trump is responsible for making pro-illegal immigration activists and others angry, but he is not responsible if they choose to intimidate, even beat up, his supporters.

The media is excusing violence against its cultural enemies. Subtly, it is also inciting violence. For example, likening Trump to Hitler incites violence because everyone knows Hitler was so bad that violence against him is justified, even demanded.

Of course, Trump has been hanging out with the PC elite and the media for decades, the Clintons attended his wedding, and so on. So if Trump is Hitler then the elites hung out with Hitler or were pretty stupid not to notice he was Hitler.

Trump supporters were ‘running for their lives’ after San Jose rally, police report says, by Mark Gomez.

Two undercover police officers at a Donald Trump rally last week said they saw Trump supporters “get punched, kicked and pushed” and “running for their lives,” according to a police report.

The plainclothes officers said they did not intervene for fear their own safety would be jeopardized as the estimated 400 protesters developed a “mob mentality.” …

One of the undercover officers wrote that he was “monitoring protesters from within the crowd” and estimated there were 250 protesters gathered behind barricades at 6 p.m., about one hour before Trump’s scheduled arrival. That number grew as the evening wore on.

As the crowd grew, the officer noted that “it became inherently dangerous for anyone wearing a T-shirt or hat in support of Trump. I observed Trump supporters being spit on, objects being thrown at them, punched, kicked and even robbed of their personal belongings.”