The ‘Dad’ Documentary – Feature

The ‘Dad’ Documentary – Feature, by Virtual Reality Media. A video about the divorce and domestic violence industry.

In Australia, 1 in 6 children [810,000] don’t live with their biological Dad and in the UK and USA it’s 1 in 3…

Everyday, 261 divorce cases are lodged in our Australian Federal Circuit Court and it’s estimated that at least 3 fathers take their lives due to family related issues. The rate of suicide and depression with both dads and children are at the highest level ever.

Since the first screening of this film back in November 2014, Karen and her team have presented the film in Parliament, Canberra after being personally invited by two politicians to open discussions into reforming the Australian Family Court system.

It confirms that male victims often report not only that their complaints concerning their female partners’ violence have not being taken seriously, but that they have lost custody of their children as a result of false and malicious accusations of violence and/or sexually abusing their children by what are commonly the female abusers themselves.

Naturally, the child support scheme provides a diabolical incentive for false accusations leading to parental alienation since such a payment is proportional to the time of visitation. Originally justified as a method of recovering welfare costs, child support payments have been transformed into a massive subsidy on unilateral divorce as well as a lucrative reward for malicious parental alienation.

The documentary also addresses the issue of the assault of bank accounts and family assets by those who make such false accusations and who separate their children from their fathers. Of course, fatherless children are particularly vulnerable to becoming the victims of domestic violence by their mothers and the mothers’ boyfriends.

hat-tip Augusto Zimmermann