Most ADF soldiers ‘believe Islam promotes violence and terrorism’

Most ADF soldiers ‘believe Islam promotes violence and terrorism’, by Ean Higgins.

The vast majority of Australian Defence Force personnel believes the Muslim religion promotes ­violence and terrorism, despite “cultural sensitivity training” by the ADF to have its soldiers take the view that Islam is a religion of peace.

The bombshell new study sponsored by the army finds that such “anti-Muslim sentiments” are “probably quite widespread” among Australian frontline troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that the military’s efforts to reverse this trend are counter-productive.

PC, meet reality. Islam is not just a religion, but a totalitarian, aggressive ideology, in which there can only be lasting peace when the whole world is Islamic or is not Islamic.

To counter Islamophobic tendencies, the ADF employs cultural sensitivity training…

Sure. “Islamophobic” is just the name PC people give to realism — say something realistic about Islam, including quoting from their holy books, and they label you “Islamophobic”.

On the other hand, the PC crew really are really quite guilty of Islamophilia.