Mike Rowe’s video on ‘following your passion’

Mike Rowe’s  video on ‘following your passion’. Follow opportunity rather than passion.

I can’t tell you how much I love this video. My hands slowly curl into fists and my lips snarl whenever I hear some rich Hollywood moron telling everyone to “follow your dreams.” It’s just plain stupid advice. And we ALL know the horror stories of people who failed at life because they chased every little whim that fell into their empty head.

What Mike Rowe is bumping into here is a long held principle of human nature that helped craft Western Civilization – habituation. Man is by nature a habitual animal. If you do something long enough, you get better at it, and begin to enjoy it. But what we teach our kids is the OPPOSITE – to do whatever they hell is fun to them, no matter how useless they are at it. And we churn out useless people who chase pointless dreams.

Commenter ember:

Hubby is involved with a study of local industry.  …These guys are telling hubby that if they could find folks with a descent work ethic the employer would train them or pay for their training out of pocket. These folks are desperate for anyone who will commit to coming to work on time every day and doing the assigned tasks with pride.

This is something people are failing to teach kids at home. We’ve raised generations of lazy people.