Liberals and Leftists, Want Trump to Win? Keep Calling Him Racist

Liberals and Leftists, Want Trump to Win? Keep Calling Him Racist, by James Lindsay. A lefty realizes…

Furthermore, stop calling him a sexist and a misogynist, especially if you’re a woman (or anything remotely like a “beta-male”); do not even use words like ableist or transphobic; and, lastly, most definitely do not call him Hitler or even make the comparison. Those phrases, when directed against Trump or the angry conservative machine that is feeding his success as a candidate, are helping – not hurting – his chances in November.

People left, right, and center – but especially on the right – are justifiably sick and tired of being called bigots and having almost everything in social politics reduced to smear campaigns about bigotry.

He realizes it is backfiring. Hilarious. Still, got to respect that this PC crew-member is more perceptive and up-front than most of the virtue signalers and professional victims in the PC boat.

The over-application of terms of bigotry as a means of silencing disagreement with a left-bending social orthodoxy has become, shall we say, “problematic.” As a result, words like racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobe, and the rest, have become conservative dog-whistles that mean “honest and brave,” and “willing to speak his mind (without fear).” Like the inappropriate application of an antibiotic, the incessant misuse of these terms has created a superbug.

Oh brilliant. He now realizes that Leftist misbehavior made Trump (or someone like him) inevitable:

Everyone reading this should know that conservative retaliation was bound to come. As progressives must know, you cannot oppress a people forever without an eventual backlash…

The inevitable backlash to this sort of frustration is straightforward. People will eventually give in, reject the social taboo, and will champion those others who do so too, especially from a platform. Enter the Donald.

It doesn’t matter whether the man is a bigot or not. By calling Trump as a bigot – since his “platform” is essentially at least half just against political correctness (and the other half nativist and isolationist) – the bar for his success is lowered tremendously: Trump just has to make some passable attempt at demonstrating that he’s not really a bigot, and he succeeds.

Oh dear, they’re catching on.

Trump is running purely on angry backlash, and much of it is directed squarely against political correctness.