Was Hillary Caught Colluding With AP To Announce Delegate Win Before California?

Was Hillary Caught Colluding With AP To Announce Delegate Win Before California? by Tyler Durden. Associated Press (AP) declared Hillary Clinton the winner of the Democratic Nomination process the day before the crucial Californian primary, based on its count of super-delegates. But it appears that this was a PR stunt cooked up in advance, timed to help Clinton win the Californian primary.

However, the discovery … that the AP graphic used to tell the world of Hillary’s success had an unusual URL has many questioning whether the Clinton campaign and AP colluded to announce this to avoid a devastatingly embarassing loss in California.

The URL included “secret-win-V2-060416”, a date two days before the announcement made by AP.

Perfect End to Democratic Primary: Anonymous Super-Delegates Declare Winner Through Media, by Glenn Greenwald.

Last night, Associated Press – on a day when nobody voted – surprised everyone by abruptly declaring the Democratic Party primary over and Hillary Clinton the victor. The decree, issued the night before the California primary in which polls show Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a very close race, was based on the media organization’s survey of “super-delegates”: the Democratic Party’s 720 insiders, corporate donors and officials whose votes for the presidential nominee count the same as the actually elected delegates. AP claims that super-delegates who had not previously announced their intentions privately told AP reporters that they intend to vote for Clinton, bringing her over the threshold. AP is concealing the identify of the decisive super-delegates who said this.

Although the Sanders campaign rejected the validity of AP’s declaration — on the ground that the superdelegates do not vote until the convention and he intends to try to persuade them to vote for him — most major media outlets followed the projection and declared Clinton the winner. …

That the Democratic Party nominating process is declared to be over in such an uninspiring, secretive, and elite-driven manner is perfectly symbolic of what the party, and its likely nominee, actually is.

Comments Jim Quinn:

If ever you needed any more proof the captured MSM is nothing but a mouthpiece for the establishment, you got it yesterday. Hillary Clinton, the hand picked surrogate for the crony capitalists, military industrial complex and Wall Street, was declared the winner of the Democratic nomination because some shadowy super delegates supposedly threw their support to her. What a load of bullshit. Hillary was going to lose the California primary today. That would be a huge black eye for her floundering campaign.

The establishment needed to make the votes in California meaningless and keep people from even voting. So they declared her the winner. The timing was calculated. The AP headline and story was written days ago. They waited until the day before the primary to pull the rug out from Sanders and his supporters. Sanders and his people should turn Philadelphia into a war zone at the convention in July. The ruling oligarchy has rigged the game folks and they are telling you your vote doesn’t matter.