Anti-establishment Trump a voice for the West’s silent majority

Anti-establishment Trump a voice for the West’s silent majority, by Maurice Newman.

The Republicans, the Democrats, big business, the media, Wall Street donors, foreign leaders and other members of the establishment threw everything at [Trump’s] campaign, including protest rallies, violence and 55,000 negative advertisements. …

In a similar demonstration of power, the threat of a British exit from the European Union club was enough for the Pope, Obama, Angela Merkel, IMF chairwoman Christine Lagarde, the G7 and Bank of England governor Mark Carney to voice their opposition. …

Like millions of Americans who support Trump’s “America first”, ordinary Britons feel exploited. They are tired of being ripped off and dictated to by unelected supranational bureaucrats who live in luxury and demand damaging treaties be signed.

The PC brigade are the new elite.

[The military has been displaced in the elite,] to quote CS Lewis, by “those who torment us for our own good (and) will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their consciences”. These are the right people fighting for the right causes.

In Australia, these good people have engineered the abridgement of free speech, promoted big government, championed taxpayer protection for failing and favoured industries, dismantled border protection, pushed climate change policies at serious cost to the poor, overseen Marxist indoctrination in schools and lavished unsustainable benefits on pet projects. Even the military has been captured by “progressive” ideals.

In the US and Britain, people have barely recovered from the global financial crisis. Many who lost their jobs, their houses and their savings are still destitute.

Yet when extraordinarily wealthy Wall Street executives, high street bankers and their shareholders lost money through reckless behaviour, the establishment bailed them out, enlisting support from central banks and taxpayers.

These actions have understandably left an indelible impression that the system is for the few, not for the masses. …

No wonder millions of voters in Western democracies, including Australia, see elections and democracy as a facade where the same power elite is in charge whichever party is elected.

hat-tip Barry Corke