Safe Schools founder Roz Ward weighs action against La Trobe

Safe Schools founder Roz Ward weighs action against La Trobe, by Pia Akerman. High praise and support for the Marxist designer of the Safe Schools program on her university campus:

Ms Ward defiantly vowed to keep “fighting back” to push the program through schools after she received cheers, high-fives and a guard of honour from Nat­ional Tertiary Education Union supporters at her Melbourne campus. …

Thanking her supporters yesterday, Ms Ward said the suspension was a reminder to keep “fighting back against these ­attacks”. “They will keep coming and we will need to keep standing up and I’m going to keep doing that and you’re all going to keep doing it with me,” she said.

“All of the evidence from the research centre right here has shown that young people need our support in schools, that homo­phobia and transphobia are very much alive in young people’s lives and we’re not going to stop doing that work,” Ms Ward said.

“I have a team of people … who will keep working with me to continue the project that we started.”

She is trying to force her reinstatement by legal means, after being suspended by her university for posting a photo of the rainbow flag on Facebook with the comment: “Now we just need to get rid of the racist Australian flag on top of state parliament and get a red one up there and my work is done.”

Legal experts have questioned whether La Trobe University could be penalised through the courts for its two-day suspension of Safe Schools founder Roz Ward, as the outspoken academic returned to work yesterday. … Ms Ward — an NTEU delegate — had instructed Maurice Blackburn to launch a case in the Federal Court if La Trobe failed to withdraw her suspension, and is still considering whether to make a claim for adverse action.

She is academic and perhaps fulfills a useful role in society in exploring or arguing over policy. The crime here is that her silly notions of sexuality are being inflicted on our children, without our permission, via the power of big government. And now we see that she is blatantly saying she will keep pushing it through the schools and the government says nothing.

Perhaps we could make all schools independent, with a board of elected parents that decides what they teach. If a school varied too far from a useful curriculum the school would lose pupils. This of source would be greatly assisted by school vouchers, so the magic of the market can be applied to education, so it would become self-correcting. Our Marxist big -government controlling bureaucracy would of course fight this loss of control tooth and nail.

hat-tip Matthew