Fourth Estate Hate

Fourth Estate Hate, by James E. Miller. Trump’s tactics with the press show that, at last, someone prominent has had the courage to counter the PC mob correctly.

If liberals aren’t stood up to in the most explicitly forceful terms, then they win.

In that spirit, I welcome the mordant fusillade Donald Trump has launched on the corrupt fourth estate. In a recent press conference … he went on to call the political press “among the most dishonest people that I’ve ever met,” and even referred to ABC News reporter Tom Llamas as “a sleaze.”

At one point, Daily Mail reporter David Martosko attempted to clear the air by telling Trump, “You’ve set a new bar for the press corps, calling us losers to our faces.” He followed up by asking, “Is this what it’s going to be like if we’re covering you?”

“Yes, it’s going to be like this,” Trump retorted.

Be still my beating heart.

Trump’s screw-you approach to the media is more refreshing than a midnight plunge in the Arctic. It disarms all criticism because it’s shameless and unrelenting. Trump’s smart enough to know that the press will never give him a fair shake. He’s a Republican, after all. The GOP presidential nominee has been, since time immemorial, a veritable piñata for journalists to bash with leftist sound bites.

Truth works; it is kryptonite to PC bullies. Note that, being post-modern, the PC crew claim there is no such thing as truth because it is all subjective and a political construct — which is just an elaborate warning that they lie.

Painfully apparent liberal bias is almost a daily occurrence in what passes for professional journalism. … On and on it goes, with little pushback from conservatives outside of their own echo-chamber blogs. Instead of directly confronting the insidious press cabal, many on the right are quick to surrender for a few minutes of fame. …

From living in D.C., I can tell you that most of the city’s press corps come from blue-blood families who either paid for little Johnny’s reporter gig or subsidized their fancy apartment (and bar tab) until they got on a payroll. If you read their Twitter feeds, their attitudes are supercilious and entitled. They make up scandals and slant coverage, then party hardy with their colleagues over $12 cocktails. All the while, these Acela Corridor whores look down upon the rest of the country as provincial slobs who deserve nothing but low-wage drudgery.

The PC media have conditioned us into believing that calling out their bias is “un-presidential” — after all, their presidents don’t do it. No, it is more important to tell the truth, and Trump is following that path.

When Trump says, “I’m going to continue to attack the press,” he should be cheered on by anyone who values honest news coverage. Is it presidential to malign the media with name-calling? Of course not. But is it a respectable response? It depends on whom you ask, frankly. When your tribe (that is, conservative Republicans) has been taunted, jeered, and made fools of from behind the shield of “journalism” for decades, sooner or later something snaps. …

The “free” press has failed in this country. To hell with its esteem, I say. We don’t need to go as far as the new Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, and threaten to off media figures. But until we get an honest press, all D.C. journos should be treated with the same attitude they reserve for Middle America: utter contempt.