UK College outlaws Christian prayer meetings under extremism rules

UK College outlaws Christian prayer meetings under extremism rules, by Nicolas Hellen.

A Christian union has been barred from holding prayer and Bible study meetings on college premises as a result of the government’s anti-terrorist Prevent strategy … [which is] intended to deal with all aspects of the terrorist threat to the UK. It highlighted Islamist extremism and the extreme right but did not mention Christians.

Toni Coulton, director of Festive, a charity that supports Christians in the UK’s further education and sixth-form colleges, said: “Senior management were not happy to have Christians meeting for prayer and fellowship and the reason they gave was because of the Prevent initiative.”

Coulton, who has been advising members of the union at the further education college said there had been no complaints of inappropriate behaviour by the group.

In other words, a PC elite at a school decided to suppress Christianity by misusing the rules designed to contain the terrorism threat from Islam. Why? Because Christianity is a threat to PC, an affront to the postmodern culture of the bureaucrats who run the college — who used the anti-terror laws to persecute their cultural opponents.

The politically correct deliberately overlook the obvious fact that Islam is not a religion like Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, or Confucianism. Rather Islam is a totalitarian political ideology and a religion.

England has been Christian for more than a thousand years, and engendered the current political, economic, and social culture of the UK. Christianity is hardly a threat to security in Britain, just an impediment to PC dominance.

“Something has gone seriously wrong in this country if young people are not allowed to meet for normal Christian fellowship. It is difficult to believe they could pose a security threat,” [Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre].

UPDATE: A reader comments, “Yes, well, turning the other cheek and loving thy neighbor are not exactly on song with the PC crowd, who are busy welcoming into the western world and excusing those who believe that it is okay to rape and slaughter.”