“No more blue Eyes & blonde Hair!”- Islam Researcher who taught ISIS fighters applauded on German TV

“No more blue Eyes & blonde Hair!”- Islam Researcher who taught ISIS fighters applauded on German TV, on YouTube.

Lamya Kaddor, an Islam Researcher from Syria, was loudly applauded after stating that the future German will no longer have blue eyes or light hair on German state TV.

She predicts that soon every German will have a migration background and the “old German” is long deprecated and destined for extinction. She claims that Germany was always a country made up of immigrants and the notion that a people can claim “being German” for themselves is deeply racist and Islamophobic. …

Kaddor is the head of the German Liberal-Muslim Union, Researcher for Islam Studies and expert for religious education. Five of her students went on to fight for the Islamic State which she says is “unfortunate”. She is frequently invited to talk-shows where she defends her position that the extinction of the German is beneficial for the world – so Germany can finally be cleansed from its past and move towards a integrated, tolerant and multicultural society free of hate.

Very trendy, from the PC postmodernists and their seventh century allies.

UPDATE: Real Facts Media asks:

Imagine for a minute the outcry if a white person celebrated the ethnic displacement of African, Arabic, or Asian people from their ancestral homelands. Jewish people in Israel are allowed to have border walls and strict immigration policies based on race, but in Europe any mention of similar policies is called “racist” and “xenophobic.” And every day you’re told to embrace these demographic changes and “celebrate diversity.”

This leads to some difficult questions:

  • Do people of European descent have a right to exist?
  • Do Europeans have a right to self-preservation and self-determination?
  • Do Europeans have a right to preserve their culture and identity in the face of never-ending non-European immigration?

The old PC joke is less funny: Africa for Africans, Asia of Asians, and white countries for everyone!