Brexit takes 3% poll LEAD after huge week for the Leave campaign

Brexit takes 3% poll LEAD after huge week for the Leave campaign, by David Maddox.

After a week of campaigning which Ukip leader Nigel Farage described as “an historic turning point”, … the latest Opinium poll also suggests that after weeks of unleashing Project Fear tactics on the public, the Downing Street led Remain campaign has lost four points in the last fortnight.

And the announcement by Vote Leave leaders Boris Johnson and Michael Gove that they back Ukip’s plan for an Australian type points system for immigration appears to have gone down with voters who are naming it as the number one issue in the campaign.

Immigration, and making laws in Britain rather than Brussels, are the top issues.

According to the poll 41 per cent of respondents cited immigration as one of their two most important issues when deciding how to vote.

This was followed by 35 per cent who want Britain to take back control of making its own laws and not being usurped by unelected bureaucrats on the European Commission of the European Court of Justice.

The poll has further bad news for Prime Minister David Cameron with 48 per cent saying he should resign if his Remain campaign fails to sway voters on 23 June.

hat-tip Stephen Neil