Videos and Photos of Fascist Violence in San Jose

Videos and Photos of Fascist Violence in San Jose, by John Hinderaker.

When people refer to fascism, they generally mean “opinions I disagree with.” But the real thing, sadly, is not extinct. For the first time in our modern history, Brownshirts are on the march. As always, they are on the Left.

Recall that fascism, despite decades of leftist and communist-inspired pleading after the fact, is a mix of socialism and nationalism — and in the 1930s was regarded as left-wing.

Here, a Trump supporter is viciously sucker-punched by a leftist. Note the Mexican flag; a common chant at anti-Trump riots in California is “make California Mexico again.”

Are we seeing echoes of the 1930s here, by people favoring the socialist candidate and inspired by their tribal identity? Isn’t that like the old fascism? And they burned the US flag…

Remarkably, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have felt no obligation to distance themselves from the violence repeatedly perpetrated by their supporters. The party line in the liberal media is 1) these are just protests, nothing unusual here; and 2) to the extent there is violence, it is Trump’s fault for being controversial. That is their story, and so far they are sticking to it. At some point, though, the violence will be impossible to ignore, especially if Trump supporters begin defending themselves.