The Violence Double Standard

The Violence Double Standard, by Jonah Goldberg.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this double standard amounts to a profound moral rot in our politics. I don’t need to cite chapter and verse about how the profoundly peaceful and law-abiding Tea Party movement was treated as a proto-fascist army of vigilantes while the Occupy movement was seen as a heartwarming expression of authentic people power. Never mind that violence was far more endemic to the Occupy movement.

Left-wing youth, particularly minority youth, who threaten and intimidate people and destroy property, are seen as expressing their righteous passion. Right-wing youth who do likewise are terrifying harbingers of fascism and authoritarianism. …

[T]he liberals and moderates wetting themselves over Trump blew it when they allowed the Tea Parties to be smeared and demonized as racist. They were cheerful, patriotic, law-abiding, and principled. Their agenda, for the most part (every movement has knuckleheads) upheld the very best ideals of this country: constitutionalism, limited government, and, in terms of policy, living within our means without overtaxing the most productive economy in human history. Sure, there were opportunists and rabble rousers at some rallies, but given fair treatment and responsible leadership, the Tea Party was the ideal vessel for a populism-infused movement to rein in government responsibly.

The bullies of the PC crew and media have lied so often, the center needs someone who fights back. The usual conservative patsies will not suffice. Enter Trump.

The demonization of ordinary people as “racist” by the left is coming home to roost.

The Tea Parties were not a white identity-politics movement. But liberal elites treated it as such and now we’ve got the beginnings of one. And while I’d be happy to engage in a debate about who started it, I don’t think it’s necessary because it’s so frickin’ obvious. Moreover, as any parent knows, identifying who started unacceptable behavior is not an exercise in excusing unacceptable behavior…. If two brothers are throwing rocks at each other, you might punish Timmy more for starting it, but you wouldn’t tell Tommy it’s okay to have rock fights.

And this points to why the anti-Trump protesters are such monumental morons. Every time they live down to our expectations, they stoke the coal in the Trump Train’s furnace. The ultimate result of the 1968 Democratic convention riots was to get Richard Nixon elected. And as sure as shinola you can expect the Left to start talking about how such violence is justified. Indeed, they already have.

The effect is politically polarizing.

… when you have one devoutly statist party of the Left and a conservative party transmogrifying into a statist party of the Right, defenders of classical liberalism are caught in the middle.