How Donald Trump is resurrecting the ‘great silent majority’

How Donald Trump is resurrecting the ‘great silent majority’, by Monica Crowley.

[Richard Nixon’s] most famous phrase: “And so tonight — to you, the great silent majority of my fellow Americans — I ask for your support.”

With that phrase, Mr. Nixon gave them attention and respect, and they rewarded him with re-election and steady support for his policies.

Of the many smart moves Donald Trump has made during his campaign, one of the most impactful was his appropriation of Mr. Nixon’s phrase. At a campaign rally last July in Phoenix, he said, “The silent majority is back, and we’re going to take our country back.”

After that, “the silent majority” appeared on Trump campaign placards, waved by thousands at his rallies.

The majority are silent because the media chooses not to reflect mainstream views, but only the views of the PC minority. Imagine how irrelevant PC would be if the media ignored it even half as as much as they currently ignore the rest of us?

[Trump] has also successfully appropriated President Reagan’s 1980 slogan “Let’s Make America Great Again.” Both phrases appeal to the countless Americans who feel their country and its historic, unique greatness have been lost to radicalism and other diseases of the pathological left.

The culture war is an old one.

At a recent Trump rally in Albuquerque, N.M., an anti-Trump protest degenerated into a riot when agitators attacked the police, injuring several officers (no surprise given the left’s war on cops). …

This is the professional left, whose aim is to sow chaos and violence in order to facilitate the tear-down of the existing order.

They have been at this for decades and are quite good at it. One of the ringleaders of the violent anti-Trump protests in Chicago in March? Sixties Marxist revolutionary and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. The anti-Vietnam protests, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter: It’s all the same organized, well-financed leftist revolution, led by many of the same radicals.