Greek mums fight “Safe” Schools

Greek mums fight “Safe” Schools, by Miranda Devine.

[A] group of mothers from inner-western Sydney’s Greek community … are on the warpath against Safe Schools and similar radical sex education programs, and have set up a Facebook page and website ­titled: You’re Teaching our Children What?

Sophie, one of 10 mothers involved, says they want to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals but they have had an “overwhelmingly positive response” from parents.

Like some contributors to this blog, they want to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal.

Aren’t the PC crew wonderful people? I was in a meeting a few years ago with top business leaders in Australia, who said they were afraid to speak out in any way against the climate change nonsense because “Labor has long memories”. There are so many ways an unfriendly government can make life difficult for their businesses, unrelated to climate policy.

Should that surprise you, consider the case of a Texan couple, the Thompsons, who came to this country 15 years ago with a few million dollars and plans to improve our beef feedlot business. They established a feedlot in Western Australia, and became Australian citizens. But in 2007 they committed the PC-crime of handing out leaflets at a meeting, questioning the role of carbon dioxide in climate change. Soon afterwards their state-based environmental licensing was cut back savagely for patently spurious reasons, making their feedlot uneconomic and eventually sending their previously thriving business broke. They packed up and returned to Texas, penniless. Well done, PC Australia! That’s the only time I’ve ever been ashamed of my country.

Back to “Sophie”:

“I found out my son’s school was part of Safe Schools and I hadn’t been informed so we started looking at the program and all the gender theory behind it,” she said yesterday.

“None of it sat well with us. When you speak to (other mothers) they’re horrified, upset and feel they have no control …

“It’s not an anti-bullying program … This program is about sexualisation of children and it’s not what our families believe in, and I don’t believe it is what most Australians believe in.”

Emails to the website have flooded in from parents anxious about Safe Schools and other sex programs taught without their knowledge. They say their children are being bullied and stigmatised by teachers for not conforming on issues such as same-sex marriage and gender and sexual fluidity.

One girl wrote to complain about her geography teacher’s advocacy of same-sex marriage: “I dreaded going to my geography lessons. If someone tries to say anything we get shut down and are labelled as bigots or haters … It makes me feel scared and uncomfortable”.

One mother wrote that her children were shown a video during assembly before Wear It Purple Day: “My children … felt as if the video was promoting homosexual and transsexual lifestyles as desirable.”

Afterwards a girl asked her Year 8 son what he thought about homosexuality. “He responded that he did not agree with this lifestyle choice. The girl then called my son a homophobe … My son felt that the group of students there at the time supported the girl and labelled him a homophobe unfairly. It made the rest of the week at school difficult for him … This incident has led to ongoing bullying.”

Father Eusebios, the Abbot of the Pantanassa Greek Orthodox Monastery:

“I had a 13-year-old child come to me who tells me he’s been told to go home and find a picture of a male celebrity on the internet and explain to the entire class why he is sexually attracted to that male and he says to the teacher ‘I can’t do this’ and she removes him from the classroom.”

So who can you vote for to protest? As with so much today, the bureaucracy amd the PC media have captured both main parties:

The problem is that both major parties have allowed these sexualisation programs to infiltrate schools.