Why Are Blacks And Asians So Darned Mean To Each Other?

A short while ago we ran what we thought was surely the most racist advert ever. The PC crew were outraged at the commercial. However they weren’t outraged at this similar commercial aired in 2007 — see, black is good!

Selective enforcement of PC rules shows how bogus they are.

Why Are Blacks And Asians So Darned Mean To Each Other? by Jim Goad.

The sad and sobering truth is that the Asian community and the black community have a long and nauseating history of being racist toward one another—which, as I’ve noted, impedes their ability to unite and be racist toward white people. …

When will the madness end? How can American blacks and Asians overcome their differences to unite as people of color against their common enemy, the people of no color?

Sure, there are superficial differences between these communities. These include the fact that the average Asian IQ in America is a hefty 20 points or so above the average black IQ. And Asians’ median household income is more than double that of black households. And on average, they score about 370 points higher on the SATs than black Americans do. But these are superficial differences that have absolutely nothing to do with innate genetic differences between these two groups—that is a discredited and debunked canard peddled by white supremacists.