The Cost Of Delivering High Explosives To The Spratly Islands

The Cost Of Delivering High Explosives To The Spratly Islands, by David Archibald.

Our next big war will be at a time of China’s choosing.

To recap, China has built seven big, new, shiny military bases in the Spratly Islands of the South China Sea. Other countries also have bases in the Spratly Islands, bases that they have had for decades.

China considers the continued existence of these other bases an affront and at some stage will scrape them all off their islands. Japan will come to the aid of the Philippines because they will be next on the agenda if China isn’t stopped. China knows that so their opening move will include surprise attacks on Japan and the U.S.  …

Nobody wants a war with China — the coming war is China’s indulgence alone. Nobody wants to set foot in China in the process of fighting them which is going to make getting the Chinese to accept defeat more difficult. But the existence of the seven new bases in the Spratlys, which have to be taken from China, makes the task easier. Those bases have to be removed from Chinese possession and their conquest will make Chinese acceptance of defeat easier by providing a battlefield defeat.