Now a woman has been expelled for allegedly sexually assaulting a man

Now a woman has been expelled for allegedly sexually assaulting a man, by Ashe Schow.

It’s finally happened — a woman was accused of sexual assault by a man and ended up being expelled under the same terrible policies that have railroaded so many male students.

The woman, identified as “Rose” by Buzzfeed News, tells a story similar to that of so many young college men. While drinking at a party, she and a male student went to her room and performed oral sex on each other. The male student left briefly to get a condom before the two began intercourse.

But the male student would eventually tell Washington State University officials that he felt “really uncomfortable” and “kept trying to leave” after the intercourse, but that Rose tried to make him stay. Apparently a group of students had gathered outside of Rose’s room during the sexual activity and tried talking to the accuser through the door because they thought he “did not want to do this.”

The male student told Rose he had to “go find his friends” and went into another student’s room, where he hid in a closet while Rose tried to find him. She eventually texted him to say “I miss you.”

The male student was allegedly teased about sleeping with Rose because she is short and overweight. She believes this is what led to the accusation.

Feminists have been claiming for decades that if the woman later regrets sex than it was “rape”. Now that the chickens are coming home to roost on that obviously sexist nonsense, expect the PC crew to change the rules. About time.

Now a woman has been accused of sexual assault by a man, and was subjected to the same policies that take an accuser’s word as gospel and don’t properly weigh evidence from the accused. …

But Rose received the same poor investigation and treatment that many college men receive. It’s yet another reason why schools, pressured by the federal government to find accused students responsible, shouldn’t handle accusations.