Husband shot obstetrician who saw wife naked

Husband shot obstetrician who saw wife naked, by Essential Baby. Guess which culture before reading on.

A Saudi man has been arrested after shooting the male obstetrician who delivered his baby because he was unhappy the doctor had seen his wife naked.

The father was reportedly angry the hospital did not ensure a female obstetrician was on hand to help his wife give birth.

Ok, that seems perfectly reasonable then. Let’s bring this sort of thing to Western countries through the marvelous process of politically correct immigration policy, and grow it via politically correct welfare policies. Not.

The great thing about countries is that they have borders, so people in that culture can stay there and we can stay in our country with our own culture.

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UPDATE: Woman who rejected marriage offer burnt to death. Again, guess which culture.

A Pakistani woman who was set on fire for refusing a marriage proposal has died of her injuries.

Maria Sadaqat, a young schoolteacher, was attacked in her home by a group of men on Sunday and died in hospital in Islamabad on Wednesday.

Her family say she had turned down a marriage proposal from the son of the owner of a school she had taught at.

Campaigners say attacks on women who refuse marriage proposals are common in Pakistan.

UPDATE: Eight people arrested for producing music videos. Which culture?

Iran’s fundamentalist regime has arrested eight people for producing music videos … for working in “un-Islamic” online modelling networks, particularly on the photosharing app Instagram.

The head of the regime’s police in Tehran announced in April the recruitment of 7,000 plainclothes police in the capital to fight against so-called improper veiling by women.

The plainclothes agents are also responsible for monitoring “noise, harassment of women and women’s lack of Islamic veil inside cars,” he said.

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