Election 2016: Cashed-up marginal seat ABC campaign another headache for Malcolm Turnbull

Election 2016: Cashed-up marginal seat ABC campaign another headache for Malcolm Turnbull, by Michael Gordon.

A cashed-up campaign to oppose funding cuts to the ABC and defend the public broadcaster’s independence will target more than 20 marginal Coalition seats … While the campaign is not party political, it is certain to favour the ALP and the Greens.

Thus simultaneously campaigning for the ABC and against the conservative parties. Bonus.

The ABC is the home of political correctness in Australia. Despite being taxpayer funded and having a charter mandating against political bias, the ABC heaps contempt on the 90% of Australians who aren’t politically correct, and it obviously supports the left and big government.

The ABC currently loves the Greens. Do we have to know what Sarah Hanson-Young thinks on every issue? How come the ABC hardly ever goes to say the Nationals for comments on issues? The Nationals have broadly similar electoral weight, so shouldn’t they get comparable time? The ABC sympathetically interviews people who say what the ABC employees want to say, but cannot as there is no real excuse for overt editorializing. Of course the ABC interviews cultural opponents like the conservatives when it can find a way to make them look bad.

The ABC coordinates political correctness in Australia. The other media mostly echo the ABC’s line, because the best media jobs are at the tax-payer funded ABC. Any journalist at another media outlet who bucks the ABC line won’t ever get a plum ABC job.

The ABC was set up in 1932 when broadcasting began in Australia, because the private sector had no means of broadcasting; the state filled an unfilled niche. Now of course the private sector can easily fill the niche, so the reason for the ABC has expired.

Instead the behemoth ABC now squeezes out the private sector from the left wing niches, not only in radio and tv but also websites. The left newspapers like The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald are going out of business because they cannot complete with the tax-payer funded ABC — why buy a newspaper when you can get your fill of left-wing from the ABC for free?

Groups like the ABC Friends are of course campaigning for the maintenance of free left-wing material — they don’t want to pay for a newspaper to get their daily hit of left-wing, or even sit through advertisements like the rest of us. How special!

Tony Abbott missed a big chance. He should have emasculated his main opposition in the first six months of his government, when he had a chance. No, not the Labor Party, the ABC. He should have eliminated or sold the state propaganda units, and just retained the regionals and the kids parts.

The ABC has done incalculable harm to Australia. For example, its dishonest campaign to get Australians to believe the oft-disproved carbon-dioxide theory of global warming has cost the Australian Government many billions in money wasted on renewables, while making Australians poorer by increasing the cost of electricity many times over (coal fired stations produce electricity at around 3c per KWh, but we are charged 23c/ KWh) . The Green carpetbaggers however have made out like bandits — there has been a large transfer of money from the public purse to green supporters due to a spurious beat up that half the population sees through despite the avalanche of propaganda.