Sweden’s Migrant Rape Epidemic Explained

Sweden’s Migrant Rape Epidemic Explained by Ingrid Carlqvist of the Gatestone Institute. How did peaceful Sweden go from being a quiet, low-crime country to being the country with the second-highest incidence of rape in the world? Why has Sweden experienced a 1,472% increase in the annual number of rapes?

Once upon a time people rarely locked their doors in this area. Now this country is a night-watchman state. Each man is on his own ….

Up until a few decades ago, no one had heard about gang rape. Now it happens every week.

This has of course been going on for many years, but the Swedes have been so brainwashed by the government and the mainstream media that no one has protested about the rape on Sweden. But that has all changed. These days, no one can escape the horrible realities. …

With tears in their eyes, they tell me how their friendly village has been totally transformed by these young aggressive male asylum seekers. The asylum seekers scream at the locals, call the women whores, they steal from the shops, and don’ t seem at all grateful or happy to be here.

Sweden, welcome to seventh century Arabia.

Is this going to happen to all the native populations of the West? Under PC policies, it most certainly will.

As reader Matthew immortally noted, “PC is the opposite of the people’s will, I’ve decided.”