Eton chief attacks plan to make jobseekers reveal private schooling

Eton chief attacks plan to make jobseekers reveal private schooling, by the BBC. The UK Government is drawing up proposals to allow companies and recruiters to check the “socio-economic background” of those applying for jobs, starting with Civil Service jobs.

The plan to ask job applicants if they went to private school is part of the PM’s push to improve “life chances”.

The provost of David Cameron’s old school, Eton College, has attacked his proposals to ask job candidates if their parents paid for their education:

“Fundamentally, I think it quite wrong to punish children for decisions taken by their parents, and to run the risk of choosing crucial public service jobs not on the basis of merit but of social engineering. The ablest candidates come from all possible backgrounds.”

Drip, drip, drip. The West is tearing itself apart with left-wing political correctness. Anything and everything is being used as a tool for social engineering.

Instead of letting society take its own course, these left-wing politically-correct people are conducting what amounts to a huge revolution. They are attempting to completely overturn the traditions of Western society in a power grab for themselves.

History has shown over and over that no one has a monopoly on wisdom, and that planned economics and societies with authoritarian rule have always fared poorly compared to countries with liberty and allowing people as much latitude as possible compatible with a common good.