‘Too sick to work migrant’ now wants to bring 12 MORE children and 2 more wives to Europe

‘Too sick to work migrant’ now wants to bring 12 more children and 2 more wives to Europe, by Lizzie Stromme.

[A unemployed 47 year old] Syrian migrant who arrived in Europe with his wife and eight children has now been given approval to bring over 12 more kids and another two wives. …

Al Hasan told local media: “I don’t only have psychological problems, but also physical [problems]. I have a pain in my back and legs.” The migrant also said the pain was so overwhelming that he could not learn Danish yet. …

The approval will see the Danish taxpayer fork out 214,128 Danish Kroners (£21,883) in child support for the family each year.

What’s in it for Denmark? On the plus side:

  • Some Danish political correctness types get to briefly feel good about their generosity.
  • New voters for the leftist party promising more welfare (ok, this is only a positive if you happen to agree with that policy orientation)

That’s probably about it. The negative side includes some longer lasting items:

  • Danish taxpayers will have to forgo considerable material benefits for themselves, because the state takes their money and spends it on the migrants. Their schools, hospitals, etc will have less resources for native Danes.
  • These 23 Syrians don’t appear to have any special abilities, or at least none are noted in the article. Drawn from a less civilized culture (largely mired in the seventh century by its religion) and from a less intelligent population than Denmark’s (check out the average IQs), they are unlike to improve Denmark’s lot. Given the history of the population from which they are drawn, it is highly unlikely they or their descendants will prove to be nearly as hardworking and productive as the local Danes, and indeed will probably not contribute significantly to the welfare of retired Danes. A source of new workers to keep the Danish welfare state functioning smoothly for generations they are almost certainly not.
  • The 23 Syrians are members of a fast-breeding population with a political belief structure that dedicates them to treating non-group members poorly — indeed, their belief structure permits and encourages lying to, raping, and killing the local Danes. Hardly the best guests. Now while these 23 individuals might not be like that, without further information the chances are that they lean in this direction.
  • These immigrants and their descendants, if typical Muslim immigration in Europe is any guide, will not integrate well into Danish society, will not be gainfully employed as much as one might hope, will breed fast and suck up welfare, will intimidate the locals and worse, will increasingly form ghettos and threaten violence if they do not get their own way, and they will not go away. If left long enough, they will eventually outnumber and takeover the rest of Danish society, and force their seventh century ways on all Danes.

The lot of the non-politically correct Danish who work hard and pay taxes particularly sucks: they work to support lazy parasitic neighbors who are culturally hostile and who compete with them for societal resources, who may threaten them in the short term, and who may force their descendants to submit to their seventh century beliefs.

We all know this; it’s all pretty obvious, but simply unsaid by a politically correct media and by a population cowering under the threat of being called names by the politically correct.

Who can the Danes vote for to stop this madness? Is there any Danish leader with enough cultural confidence to fix these problems?

Robert Spencer notes:

Then there is the tacit acceptance of polygamy. What possible benefit does all this bring to Danish society? That politicians get to congratulate themselves on their humanitarianism? And when the bombs start exploding and the Sharia demands get more aggressive, will that be enough?

hat-tip Stephen Neil