Do we really have to cater for 58 different genders?

Do we really have to cater for 58 different genders? by Karalee Katsambanis.

New York City now officially recognizes 31 genders. Facebook has gone even better and upped the ante on New York by managing to recognize 58 genders.

NYC’s Commission on Human Rights has released a list of different genders that businesses must accommodate or risk a six-figure fine. Using the wrong pronoun when referring to someone who may get offended by what someone else has said, could also result in a fine.

How is freedom of speech even vaguely compatible with being fined by the state for using the wrong pronoun?

[P]eople really are beginning to tune out with the level of political correctness currently being rammed down our throats by a small minority intent on redefining well-known and understood societal norms.

Number 1 on the New York list is bi-gendered … ‘Woman’ and ‘Man’ come in at number 16 and 17 on the list and if most people are not a little surprised at that, then they are not being honest.

It defies logic that anyone outside a small, ideologically-driven cabal would even know all 31 supposed genders.

So the US is embroiled in its culture war. What about Australia?

At the moment, Australia is not in the same social experimental grip of political correctness as the USA, where these issues cause angst and division on a daily basis. …

In 2016, Australia is a tolerant society. If someone who is transitioning gender (such as a man becoming a woman) uses the female bathroom, other patrons wouldn’t bat an eyelid. But we are opening a Pandora’s box if we go the way of America and allow anyone to use the same bathroom.

We do not want sexual predators in female bathrooms, or even anti-gay or anti-transgender predators who may do harm. We also do not want some smart-alec 18-year-old schoolboy to be invading the bathrooms of 13-year-old school girls.

Political correctness is not about furthering the interests of the mascots, but the power of the politically correct — as revealed by the glaring inconsistencies:

It does seem rather incongruous that some want us to allow men to use the female bathroom at the same time as we are finally shining a spotlight on domestic violence against women.

While one set of bureaucrats is organising women-only taxis and women-only parking bays, is it really “progress” to get rid of the well-accepted separate male and female toilets?

The politically correct are running rampant over the majority, bossing us around:

This whole issue defies logic and reality because nobody seems to be allowed to have a discussion or debate on the topic. The silent majority is instead ridiculed by “progressives” for bringing attention to the idiocy of it all.

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