University chief despairs of her ‘cosseted’ students

University chief despairs of her ‘cosseted’ students, by Camilla Tominey.

THE vice-chancellor of Oxford University has said that students who demanded the removal of a statue of controversial politician Cecil Rhodes at Oriel College need to be more exposed to extreme views.

A recent National Union of Students survey found that 63 per cent of students supported banning people with potentially offensive views from British campuses.

Professor Richardson, who became the first female vice-chancellor of the university in January…: “I couldn’t disagree more with that view I have to say. I wonder about it. I think perhaps it might be partly attributable to social media and the fact that students and young people generally today operate in an echo chamber of like-minded people in social media, less exposed to contrary views.

Again the problem comes back to the media.

hat-tip Stephen Neil