Federal election 2016: Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten are the two most politically correct leaders in our history

Federal election 2016: Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten are the two most politically correct leaders in our history, by Mark Latham.

As a duo, Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten are the two most politically correct leaders in our history. They have formed an elitist bipartisanship around the things the Australian people aren’t allowed to hear.

Think of it as the great silence swindle of election 2016.

Over the next eight weeks there will be no talk of how welfare dependency in places like Auburn, Parramatta and Merrylands has become an Australian breeding ground for Islamic terrorism.

There will be no talk of how the nation’s 200,000 per annum immigration program is adding daily to congestion and urban sprawl, making large parts of Sydney unlivable.

There will be no talk of amending section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act to restore genuine freedom of speech.

There will be no talk of curbing the thought-police powers of the Human Rights Commission, which has declared its right to name and shame “racists”, even when there is no evidence of racial malice. …

Their education policies will add to the Age of Sookery — where children are encouraged to play the victim, seeking quotas and other nanny-state interventions to succeed in life. …

Most of all, there will be no talk exposing the fraud of identity politics: the Leftist obsession subdividing our nation on the basis of race, gender and sexuality.

By encouraging people to focus on their individual identity, the Left is atomising society and destroying our sense of community, no less than the individualistic Right.

Well said Mark Latham, who was the last leader of the Labor Party before it was totally overrun by apparatchiks and the politically correct. Today’s Labor Party is very different from the Labor Party the existed prior to the 1990s. The Labor Party of the Hawke Government, probably the best government Australia had since WWII, is unlikely to be seen again because now the once great party is now dominated by careerists who embark on a political career from university, or their allies the union organizers.

The dregs of the middle classes, modern Labor officials have always lived on the government or union teat — never starting a business or living off their own wits and enterprise as opposed to being a secure part of a huge organization, and never responsible for a payroll or a mine or a farm. They come from a narrow section of society, increasingly our of touch with the rest of us. Yet they force us to give them our money, while they increasingly interfere in evermore parts of our lives. There is little sense of community or cohesion left.

The Labor Party nowadays is a party of patronage. The sense of ideology and purpose has faded — after all, once direct financial benefits to its members are set aside, there is little to distinguish it from the Liberals, especially Turnbull’s Liberals. Instead, the Labor Party in power merely hands out economic sinecures and buckets of money to its members and its supporters. Witness the recipients of new spending in the Rudd and Gillard governments.

It’s tribal. In their world, you join the Labor Party to get ahead economically. They raid the government for benefits for their tribe, and use the power of the state to bring home the bacon for their tribe. This is neither acceptable or sustainable, so, like their political correctness, will have to go.