Brexit: Leading pro-Europeans ‘too rich’ to care about migration

Brexit: Leading pro-Europeans ‘too rich’ to care about migration, by Tim Ross.

[UK Cabinet minister] Priti Patel claims the “luxury” lifestyles of campaigners who want to stay in the EU mean they are “insulated” from the impact of rising immigration on the daily lives of millions of Britons.

She says it is “shameful” that the Remain campaign leaders fail to consider the struggles of families who, unlike them, cannot afford private health care or fee-paying schools. …

In remarks that will deepen the divide at the top of the Tory Party, Ms Patel claims many Remain campaigners only see the benefits of migration, such as cheap domestic help and willing tradesmen. “Their narrow self-interest fails to pay due regard to the interests of the wider public.”

This observation applies in the other Anglo countries too, and perhaps in Europe. Certainly in Australia the problem migrants aren’t in the areas inhabited by our politically correct rulers, filling their schools and slowing down lessons, while ruling their streets and reducing social cohesion.

hat-tip Stephen Neil