Why I Hate The Media: A Continuing Series

Why I Hate The Media: A Continuing Series, by Ace of Spades.

What drives left-wingers angry is the thought of a well-to-do suburban family. They’ve got some money. They have three cars. They have an intact marriage and children doing well in good schools.

And they’re kinda smug. They pose in a picture and smile in a way that makes leftists angry. They’re not aware of all the suffering beyond the perimeters of their perfect lawns.

Also, they think they have wisdom to share with the world. But, in the words of Barack Obama: You didn’t build that. Even though this family is obviously doing something right, they have nothing to share with the world, because they haven’t struggled. They’re not marginalized.

They have it easy and soft and yet would lecture a poor person about how to become wealthier.

Okay, so that’s the image that makes all left-wingers left-wingers.

Now here’s the thing:

The story then goes on to point out that the (left wing) media personalities in the US are all rather wealthy individuals. Even in Australia, on the government-run ABC, Tony Jones is paid over $350k per year and he hosts private events for several $k per pop on top of that.

So we have these rich smug people, smiling smugly who have the World All Figured Out, ready to drop their Truth Bombs and Life Wisdom on at the slightest non-prompting. …

And what, precisely, gives these people moral authority to lecture the rest of us? Nothing. … So these people with their smug entirely unearned authority, their utter lack of any accomplishment apart from reading from scripts others have written for them and having skin that successfully sticks to pancake make-up, are here to lecture us. … Rich people who think they can and should lecture their inferiors.

It’s like the phenomenon of asking the opinion of actors on topics like global warming. Actors mouth words written by other people, and they fake emotions. Why accept them as authorities on anything beyond acting?