Trump, not conservative but strongly anti-PC

Trump, not conservative but strongly anti-PC, by Lion of the Blogosphere.

W. James Antle III writing in the Washington Examiner: “[Donald Trump] tapped into a large mass of voters who were instinctively pro-American and anti-liberal, but not really interested in the finer points of conservative ideology or policy.”

[C]onservatism, as defined by National Review types, is NOT the opposite of liberalism [political correctness], it’s just one of many different philosophies that are at odds with liberalism.

There are many groups and political flavors opposed to political correctness. Trump is the standard bearer for most of these philosophies and interests in the upcoming US presidential election against the corrupt queen of PC, Hillary Clinton.

Some people have been fretting over whether Donald Trump is a “real conservative.” Who cares? The important thing is that I am certain that Trump is a true anti-liberal and he’s not just pretending to be an anti-liberal. …

Trump has fifties values, the decade in which he grew up (Trump was born in 1946), and fifties values are anti-liberal. For some psychological reason, Trump is immune to the societal pressure which causes nearly all other wealthy and successful people his age to abandon the values of their childhood and adopt newer more liberal values. …

Trump is a master at persuading other people but is immune to persuasion himself, and the societal pressure which causes people to change their values is a type of persuasion.

Commenter Lewis Medlock:

1950s values would lead one to oppose the entire 1960s counterculture and its vile offspring: black radicals, angry feminists, militant homosexuals, and demented, America-hating left-wing academics. If someone argued for gay marriage or transgendered bathrooms during the 50s they would be placed in a straitjacket and transported to a mental hospital.