Re-Tribalizing America

Re-Tribalizing America, by Rod Dreher.

Donald Trump and Milo Yiannopoulos are provocateurs, no question. But they are proving something important about the militant left: that it is often racist against whites, and has no intention of allowing any opinions other than its own to be voiced in the public square. And whether in the streets or in a university lecture hall, it will use violence to impose its will. …

The center is not holding. The militant left is going to drive a lot of people towards the militant right. In the fall campaign, Trump is going to go full “Amnesty, Acid, and Abortion” — and the emotional reaction that seeing video of violent Black Lives Matter activists and other Social Justice Warrior militants in action (which we will see, all throughout the fall, because they cannot help themselves, and not even media spin will be able to hide it) will frighten a lot of law-and-order people into voting for Trump. …

On bathrooms:

The media have soft-pedaled this thing, but when it gets right down to it, all the diversity rhetoric in the world is not going to matter when a man recognizes that in voting Democratic for president, he is voting for a party that wants to send mentally disturbed males into his daughter’s locker room, and call it justice. ..

I am absolutely certain that Hillary Clinton will continue Obama’s SJW crusade on the LGBT front, religious liberty and common sense be damned. These pink police state jackboots are trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.

On music:

Listen to this Russian Orthodox hymn, sung by a Russian male choir. Seriously, give it about 30 seconds. It sounds like something out of Tolkien, as if the mountains themselves were crying out to God.

On where the overreach of political correctness is going to push us:

Eventually, the provocations of Social Justice Warriors, especially when they are race-based, is going to empower the militant whites, especially those drawn to pagan masculinity, and they are going to do what the rest of us would not do: Fight. This, because the best — that is, those who want peace, civility, and tolerance — lack all conviction to defend the conditions under which we can have those things against their enemies.

Trump is a vulgar, crass, alpha-male brute. But he doesn’t care what SJWs and liberals say about him. He fights, and sometimes fights as dirty as they do. That’s not nothing. White liberal middle-class society and many bourgeois conservatives have demonized within themselves, collectively and individually, the instinct that would have given them the strength to fight civilization’s enemies on the Left and on the Right.

On where the change is going to come from, by a young commenter:

[W]hile the level of insanity has climbed exponentially in the past decade, virtually everyone under-30 (my generation) has been marinated in relentless gender-equivalence propaganda since kindergarden.

But, as the male cohort grows older, the distance between the experienced reality of of the dating market and the official dogma becomes unsustainable. The cognitive dissonance is simply too great, and boys are driven to seek answers elsewhere. And those answers come, with varying degrees of accuracy and crudity, from the PUA/Game/MRA/RedPill blogs.

Whatever their faults, they all have one redeeming quality – they are manifestly not insane. This comes as a great shock and relief to boys. A shock because they realize the magnitude of the deception they have experienced, and a relief because they realize they are not the crazy ones.

These blogs are essentially applied evolutionary psychology. The systematizing, logical male mind is placed in the dispassionate, clinical service of disassembling every polite fiction about courtship, and replacing it with an amoral imperative. …

This then becomes the primary infection vector for other forms of thought crime. Once one aspect of the progressive catechism has been shown to be false, the whole edifice falls under suspicion. While the intellectual roots of the alt-Right don’t come from the masculinity crowd, most of their new converts do, and therefore the dominant attitude and aesthetics of the alt-Right come from this wing. They hate sentimentality, and have a Nietzschean sense of life – true meaning in life comes from removing the shackles of slave morality, and freeing your ambition from the cloying masses who might call you racist or sexist or homophobic.