7 Uncomfortable Facts About Feminism

7 Uncomfortable Facts About Feminism, by Real Facts Media.

Why are so many people questioning feminism? Why are prominent conservatives, such as Ann Coulter, calling for an end to womens’ voting rights? The truth is controversial and difficult to accept, but feminism is failing Western society. Here are seven very uncomfortable facts about feminism, which are not being discussed in mainstream media.

This is about as non-politically-correct as it gets, but there are certain stubborn realities that have been studiously ignored for the last few decades.

(1) Feminism Contributes to Negative Birth Rates. … It’s no secret that Europeans (whites) around the world are committing demographic suicide through negative birth rates. … the exploding birth rates of non-Europeans living in the West ….  Demographics is destiny and we are rapidly approaching a permanent, irreversible demographic revolution.

The carrying capacity of the planet is limited, so dropping birth rates to around or temporarily below replacement overall is surely a good thing. Trouble is, of course, that not all groups are growing or shrinking at the same rate. The populations in Islamic and African areas are growing much faster than native western populations, ensuring the migrant crisis isn’t going to run out of fuel any time soon.

(2) Feminism has Shifted the Entire Political Spectrum to the Left. … When women were given the right to vote – it shifted the entire political spectrum to the left. On average, women tend to vote more liberal than men – especially younger women. It’s no surprise that since the feminist revolution, we have seen a massive expansion in government throughout the Western world.

No arguing with that. ‘Marriage’ used to mean an economic deal between a man and a woman, where a woman would forgo her economic role in order to focus on having their kids, and the man would economically support the resulting family. After women got the vote, the state has partly replaced men as the breadwinners of families, entirely so for welfare recipients. Women no longer need men economically and (traditional) marriage is no longer the necessity it once was.

(3) Feminism is Contributing to Record High Divorce Rates. … The rise of feminism and the mass recruitment of women into the labor force has fundamentally fractured the traditional roles of the family unit. Rather than recognizing a traditional division of labor that has worked for centuries, society now pushes the “equality” narrative demanding women and men fulfill the same workplace rolls. … The expansion of the welfare state has also made being a single mom with kids a profitable alternative to having a traditional family. Feminism’s role in recruiting women into the workforce and the expansion of the welfare state have helped to produce record high divorce rates and more single parents.

Well yes, that has happened. It has had some advantages and disadvantages, but perhaps if people were allowed to choose what they wanted rather than being pushed in any particular direction by the state it would sort itself out. Throwing out thousands of years of evolved behavior and institutions merely because the PC crew know best invited disaster.

The huge rise in unfathered children has certainly been a disaster, and it is hard to see how the rise of many males with no prospect of children or a useful role or stake in society is sustainable.

The patriarchy is dead in the West, but it is worth noting that patriarchal societies always conquer matriarchal societies, not the other way around. In essence, in a patriarchy the males have more at stake, something to fight for. As it happens, the low-tech, less-progressive, low-skill but patriarchal Muslim nations are in the process of conquering the West, right now.

(4) Feminism Drives Down Wages. Increasing the supply of labor – with women entering the workforce – drives down wages. The other two major factors for the decline in wages are the free trade scam and mass immigration into Western countries (by populations willing to work for less money). Before the feminist revolution and free trade, one working parent could easily support the entire family. Women raised the kids at home while the husband worked. Today you’re told that isn’t “progressive” – so those days are over. Now we have collapsing wages, high unemployment, young adults living with their parents, and the Western family becoming obsolete.

This is also unarguably true. Living standards, judging by the hours of work required to maintain a middle class lifestyle, has certainly dropped since 1970. (Don’t let tech improvements distract you. Increasing productivity due to better tech should have made the task easier and reduced hours, but instead the financial smarties at the top have reaped most of the productivity gains. Middle class families today work more hours than they did in 1970 in the West.)

However with more people in the paid workforce and us all working harder, we produce more stuff and everyone is richer. That’s got to be good, unless what we produce isn’t really needed or is simply counteracting other problems we’ve created for ourselves (social work?).

But hang on, the ever-larger welfare class does little paid work and contributes to everyone’s well being. A demographically dwindling part of society is left working ever harder to support everyone — which is neither fair nor sustainable, but it is where political correctness is leading us. So the problem might not be women working so much as others not working.

Again, people would probably sort it out better if the state didn’t intervene so much. Productive groups with higher birth rates will eventually supplant those with lower birth rates, but the role of the non-productive is a worry. See Atheism is doomed: the contraceptive Pill is secularism’s cyanide tablet.

(5) Feminism Will Not Survive Islamization. While it’s true that people of European descent are a collapsing segment of the population, non-Europeans in Western countries are rapidly growing through high birth rates and mass immigration. … Look at any Muslim majority country to see how this works today.

Obviously. Feminists, however, are allies of the Muslims. Guess they really must hate western men.

(6) Feminism is Fueling the European Rape Epidemic. Some of the biggest supporters of the “refugees welcome” agenda have been young Western women. … This is despite the fact that young European women are the victims of a violent rape epidemic where the perpetrators are mostly non-European. Even with the exploding rape and crime statistics in Europe, women continue to vote for leftists who support the current immigration agenda.

There are some stubborn and politically incorrect truths about rape, but this is not the time or place to go into them.

(7) Feminism is Destroying Society. … feminism appears to be a weapon of mass destruction for Western civilization. Society as a whole is failing to appreciate traditional family roles and the results are catastrophic.

Western women are deciding to have fewer children. What’s worse, the smartest and most ambitious women are the ones who are most likely to choose a career over motherhood. These are the women that society needs to have children and pass on their genes to the next generation.

Conversely, the less-educated segments of a society are having the most children, as seen in statistics from the United States and Europe. It’s no surprise that IQ – which has been scientifically documented to be based mostly on genetics – is rapidly falling. This is a horrific and well documented reality unfolding throughout the West. The long-term consequences will be horrendous.

Feminism has certainly transformed our successful and enlightened societies of the West, and they are clearly becoming less successful, less enlightened, and less intelligent. I suppose you could say they were “destroyed”.