Blacks Shooting Blacks in Large Numbers

Blacks Shooting Blacks in Large Numbers, by Steve Sailer.

Hillary is currently running for President on how we must have more gun control to save innocent black baby bodies from racist Republican white males hunting them down for sport:  ” … Clinton addressed a fundraising dinner organized by the Trayvon Martin Foundation, … “If you want to imagine what Trump’s America would look like, picture more kids at risk of violence and bigotry,” Clinton said.”

In the real world, however, the big story is blacks shooting blacks. From the NYT:  “Most shootings with four deaths or injuries are invisible outside their communities. And most of the lives they scar are black. … Over all, though, nearly three-fourths of victims and suspected assailants whose race could be identified were black. Some experts suggest that helps explain why the drumbeat of dead and wounded does not inspire more outrage.” …

If it were whites killing blacks at high rates, it would be the Biggest Story Ever. Blacks killing blacks is just awkward for the Narrative. …

You can have a culture of settling beefs with with words, with fists, with knives, or with guns. The last is most likely to get bystanders killed or wounded. Settling disputes with guns can be done cowboy style with duels or just by opening fire in the general direction of somebody you are mad at. How much of the current black cultural predilection for grabbing a gun when dissed and letting loose stems from memes transmitted and reinforced by the gangsta rap that emerged around 1988?

This article reinforces the view offered by L.A. Times homicide reporter Jill Leovy in her 2015 book “Ghettoside” that legalizing drugs wouldn’t do much to reduce the large numbers of blacks shooting blacks. Leovy argued that main hope for changing black culture from the outside is through the cops increasing the clearance rate by getting more blacks to testify against black shooters. This would require spending more tax money on detectives and on witness relocation programs.

As mentioned in a previous post on guns, gun violence seems to be acceptably low among the white sub-population in the US, but unfortunately high among the black sub-population. The statistics oft-quoted in the PC media that say the US is a really dangerous place with gun-toting crazies — they are for the black part of the population. The rate at which blacks commit murder is about seven times higher than whites, and young black males commit about 27 times more murders than their fair share of the population.