Record number of migrants arrive in UK without jobs

Record number of migrants arrive in UK without jobs, by Laura Hughes.

Net migration to the UK has risen to the second highest level on record, official figures have revealed, sparking a fresh row in the EU referendum debate.

The key measure – the difference between the number of people arriving and leaving the country – was estimated at 333,000 for the year ending December 2015.

This is 3,000 short of the all-time high posted last year, 10,000 higher than the figure published for the 12 months to September, and three times the Government’s target level.

Three times the Government’s target level? The UK has no control over its borders … because it is in the EU.

The figures also show that 77,000 EU migrants have come to the UK without employment.

Boris Johnson has reacted furiously to the latest figures: … “EU net immigration alone represents a city the size of Colchester, 77,000 EU immigrants have come here without any kind of job at all, despite the promises we heard from the Prime Minister and others that they would get changes in the EU treaty insisting people would have to have a job before they came here.” … “I am in favour of immigration, I’m in favour of the benefits it brings to our society, but I have to say that what is happening at the moment is being done completely without the consent of the British people.”

In 1776 the American colonies revolted because of taxation without  their consent.

hat-tip Stephen Neil