When Islam meets the West it’s a Trainwreck

When Islam meets the West it’s a Trainwreck, by Miranda Devine.

THE political brawl over refugees last week was sickeningly familiar. We are the world’s most generous nation per capita when it comes to resettling refugees.

Yet the Greens malign our national character, and want to dismantle border protection. Labor tries to have a bob each way, pretending to be as tough on borders as the Coalition and as falsely compassionate as the Greens.

The “refugees” issue is really mainly about Muslims:

But the brawl is not really about refugees, but about Muslim refugees, who dominate the intake. The unspoken subtext of the refugee debate is the unwillingness of some Muslim refugees to fit in to our culture.

Incompatible cultures:

Today our societies have gone in equal and opposite ­extreme directions. Now top-to-toe burqas compare with Madonna’s 57-year-old bottom and breasts hanging out of holes cut into her outfit.

In the Middle East, women are more repressed than ever. In the US, President Obama forces transgender laws into schools and girls are instructed to “overcome discomfort” at the sight of male genitalia in bathrooms. No modesty allowed. …

Hollywood movies such as Trainwreck portray women reduced to a joyless pursuit of meaningless sexual encounters.

To Islamic eyes this is a hellish culture from which they feel compelled to shield their children. … [C]an you blame Muslim families for retreating from a degenerate society aggressively hostile to its traditional values? …

We are horrified by the medieval retreat from modernity of the Islamic world.

Dutch-Somali author and former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi-Ali says we must defend the Enlightenment values of Western civilization from the process of Islamification.

We need to recognise the concerted global effort by Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries to Islamise the West by a process called “dawa”, and who have coined the term Islamophobia as a tool to stop criticism.

But must we defend our degeneracy as well?

But I’d like to know how we defend Western civilisation when our freedoms have degenerated into programs to sexualise children so they can grow up to star in their own version of Trainwreck.