Completing Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union

Completing Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union, by Jean-Claude Juncker and the other four current Presidents of the European Union, 2015.

Here is what appears to be a blueprint for turning the EU into one giant country. “Appears” because the language is a bureaucratic and vacuous, the language that puts the rest of us to sleep while they sneak in some reform they lust after. It’s hard to know what many of the words mean, because they use common worlds in specific but non-obvious ways that are difficult to uncover, to lull us into acceptance.

The media should be telling everyone loudly that this is the plan, but don’t — presumably because they know it would be unpopular with the population. Or maybe they don’t understand it either.

This seems to be a recipe for disaster, because as far as I can see it ignores hard realities such as human nature, nationalism, differing loyalties and languages, the Muslim problem, and the dire economic state of the EU and its banking system.