Progressive Racism: A History of Racial Truth, Dare and Deception

Progressive Racism: A History of Racial Truth, Dare and Deception. Colin Flaherty reviews David Horowitz’s new book, “Progressive Racism.”

Never in our lifetimes has there been a greater gap between truth and fairy tale than when it comes to what reporters and public officials say about black people. …

Example of Ferguson, “Hand up, don’t shoot!”:

The Post was recently doing one of its usual thumb suckers on Howard University, a hometown black college. The reporter did a serviceable job of describing the day-to-day chaos — not among students — but among people who run the school.

To wash away these administrative sins, the Post reminded us of Howard’s “young strivers with compelling stories and dreams.”

Including Khalil Saadiq “who lost a scholarship when his GPA dropped one-tenth of a point, from the required 3.3 to 3.2.” All because he “organized a viral picture of students with their hands up after the Ferguson, Mo., shooting.”

This is the same “hands up, don’t shoot” story that the Post earlier this year declared a hoax when it received Four Pinocchios for deception. The Post did forget, however, to mention the hundreds of reporters and editors and other employees of that news organization who were active participants in that fraud — and the hundreds of stories they produced for every section of that outlet.

hat-tip Stephen Neil