Greens promise to end religious exemptions to Sex Discrimination Act

Greens promise to end religious exemptions to Sex Discrimination Act, by Paul Karp.

The Greens have promised to remove religious exemptions to federal anti-discrimination law and increase funding to the Safe Schools anti-bullying program. …

[The Green’s LGBTI equality spokesman Robert] Simms told Guardian Australia “we shouldn’t be giving religious organisations a get-out-of-jail-free card and the right to discriminate”.

“Allowing a right to discriminate undermines the effectiveness of these kinds of laws,” he said. “These have a life-changing impact.

“I know people who teach in religious schools and are afraid to come out about sexuality. How can that be allowed? Most people would recognise that sexuality doesn’t impact on your ability to do your job.

That’s an interesting stance — the Greens want the state to force people to act against their own religious beliefs, and to enforce the Green’s beliefs. Many people point to environmentalism as a Green religion, a faith, incapable of refutation by evidence or logic. Some of their other positions, such as on sex, might also be regarded as more religious in flavor. So the Green demand is essentially that you must follow the Green religion or the state will jail or fine you. The Greens want to override the ancient right of freedom of association.

And when are the Greens going to say anything negative about Islam? Simms above is concerned about gays who are “afraid to come out about sexuality” in religious schools. Does that include Islamic religious schools? I’ll bet it doesn’t, because the official position of Islam on gays is death. Saudi Arabia executes gays, and funds mosques in Australia. Haven’t heard a peep from the Greens on this.


Image: ISIS throw 4 more gay men to their deaths.

UPDATE: Would Greens spokesperson Simms ever say:

I know people who teach in university and are afraid to come out about political beliefs. How can that be allowed?

Are the Greens happy with the current situation where people risk losing their university job or being ostracized if they admit to not being fully with the PC narrative? Sexual and skin diversity rigorously enforced, but political diversity rigorously suppressed?

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