After Migrants, German Nationalist Party Takes Aim at Islam

After Migrants, German Nationalist Party Takes Aim at Islam, by Frank Jordans.

Weeks after declaring that there is no place for Islam in Germany, a surging nationalist party has sharpened its rhetoric against prominent Islamic groups and suggested limiting the religious freedom of the more than 4 million Muslims in the country.

Senior members of Alternative for Germany cut short a meeting Monday with the Central Council of Muslims, accusing the group of failing to renounce religious beliefs that they claim clash with the German constitution.

The confrontation came days after the party — known by its acronym AfD — launched a campaign against the construction of a mosque in the eastern state of Thuringia, joining up for the first time with the group known as the Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West. …

AfD is introducing a bill in the state Parliament to stop new mosques from being built, though it’s unlikely to win the support needed from other parties to pass. …

And just as AfD opposed Merkel’s stance that Germany could manage the influx of migrants, so too it is rejecting her position that Islam “belongs to Germany.”

Following Monday’s meeting with the Central Council of Muslims, AfD’s co-chair Frauke Petry claimed that Islam was “stuck in the 7th century.”

“Islam, the way it is mostly practiced, doesn’t belong to a democratic Germany,” she told reporters in Berlin.