Why won’t the media Left tell the truth about ethnic crime?

Why won’t the media Left tell the truth about ethnic crime? by Andrew Bolt. Another crime story where the police and the ABC leave out the race of the suspect in their description. They are lying by omission, again. And Bolt has “had it” with the media howling down the truth:

Whether it was Greens, or Labor, Fairfax reporters, or the ABC, there was near zero interest in the facts.

They were only interested in shouting down, with ugly names, anyone with a non-PC message on “refugees” and immigrants.

If a tree falls in the forest  and the media choose not to report it, how do you ever find out? Throughout the West, the PC media trains the politicians to say what they want. Politicians desperately need positive media coverage, so the media only give a politician airtime if they say what the media want to say (positive) or hold them up for ridicule if they say the opposite (negative).

Especially in Australia, where our media is so dominated by the ABC. The ABC sets the tone and method of coverage, which defines the politically correct line. Journalists (I hesitate to describe them as “reporters”) at other organizations then parrot the ABC line because the ABC jobs are the plum jobs in the industry, and if they ever deviate from the ABC line then they will not be in line for those jobs.

UPDATE: Labor must take multicultural threat seriously – or else, by Andrew Bolt.

LABOR’S angry reaction to truth-telling about refugees shows it still doesn’t get it. Australians rightly fear some imported cultures and deserve honest answers at last.

But here we go again. Labor is halfway to losing another election by shouting “racist!” and “shut up!”.

UPDATE: Federal election 2016: Left vilified Dutton but he spoke truth, by Jennifer Oriel.

It is no secret that there is a vocal flank of Left-leaning politicians, media and academics who want conservatives purged from public life in Australia. They succeed by underhanded tactics often using anonymous posts and ad hominem attacks on social media that culminate in the mobbing of a politically incorrect target.

Once stamped with the Scarlet Letter, the mob uses guilt by association to keep the target isolated. The tactic was used against Tony Abbott and last week, the mob went after one of the few conservatives in cabinet, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

Dutton was subjected to mass opprobrium for referring to the struggle that refugees face with illiteracy and unemployment, as well as suggesting that the large increase in refugee intake proposed by the Greens could threaten Australian jobs.

His comments were unqualified and too generalised, which left room for misinterpretation. In a rational and fair political climate, however, commentators would have attempted to correct any perceived factual error or generalisation by way of factual analysis. Unfortunately, we’re not in a rational political climate. …

Guilt by association is the mark of the mob in public debate. Dutton’s comments were read out of context and blown out of proportion. The outrage on social media and free to air television provided a convenient distraction that excused the PC Left from scrutinising the lunatic immigration policy proposed by the Greens.

Yep, that’s what happened. Well said Jennifer.