Muslims who don’t respect our institutions

Muslims who don’t respect our institutions, by James Dowling.

FIVE men accused of trying to flee to Syria by boat to join Islamic State have appeared in a Melbourne court for the first time. … It was standing room only inside, with dozens of supporters of the accused in court….

Some supporters of the men refused to stand for Magistrate Luisa Bazzani when she entered court today a customary sign of respect practices across all legal jurisdictions in Australia.

Lawyer Rob Stary told the court the refusal to stand was in line with the men’s “Muslim faith”. Mr Stary, who is representing the five charged men, but not their supporters, told Ms Bazzani Supreme Court judge Bernard Bongiorno had previously excused Muslim men from standing as a sign of respect.

Ms Bazzani said she didn’t accept that it was appropriate for anyone to refuse to stand as a sign of respect for the court’s authority.

But Mr Stary said: “They stand for no one other than Allah”.

The men refused to stand despite being asked twice, once by Ms Bazzani and once by her clerk. “It is customary for people to stand when a magistrate or judicial officer enters a court,” Ms Bazzani said. “I don’t plan to take it further but it shows a lack of respect for this court,” she said.

Of course they don’t respect the court, if the Court does not insist. The Court just bowed to Allah, because it lacks cultural confidence. The politically correct do not even seem to notice the damage they have done.

hat-tip Stephen Neil