Portland School Board Bans Materials That Denies Climate Change

Portland School Board Bans Materials That Denies Climate Change, by Carol Adl.

The Portland Public Schools board have unanimously approved a resolution aimed at eliminating any doubt about climate change and its causes in schools.

The school board is planning to ban all textbooks and other materials that denies the existence of man-made climate change.

Although the topic is still being heavily debated within the scientific community, young and impressionable students will now only receive the politically correct side of the issue.

The climate change issue is different from most political issues in that there actually is a right and wrong answer, and we will all know what it is eventually. These people are going to look like fools before too long.

But this is hardly the only issue where only the politically correct version is taught at schools. And it’s not just public schools — any school that accepts public money must teach the government’s curriculum, and in Australia that  includes nearly every private school.